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The Guestroom B&B

Your Bed & Breakfast agency in Stockholm


Payment conditions

After booking you will receive a link with contact details for the host and information about how to pay.

You confirm your booking by paying a fee (20% of the total price) by VISA/MasterCard payment or by IBAN banktransfer. Payment of the remaining (80%) is made in cash (Swedish currency) to the host when you arrive or by IBAN banktransfer to the host 5 days before your arrival date.

If your booking will be more than 2 months ahead you will pay half of the remaining in advance to the host by IBAN banktransfer. Date of payment will be specified in the final confirmation link.


Booking rules 

Completed payments will not be refunded.



The Guestroom B&B acts only as a booking agent between the guest and the host. The rooms have our approval but the host is the one responsible for letting the room. The Guestroom B&B is not liable for events outside of our control.

If the host is unable to accommodate a guest The Guestroom B&B will rebook the guest in a room of an equivalent Bed & Breakfast /apartment or return the fee. In case of such changes the guest will be informed as soon as possible.

Guests are responsible for their belongings and for any damages to the host's property including the loss of keys. In all events The Guestroom B&B will never be liable to pay damages exceeding the fee submitted. In case of force majeure the Guestroom B&B is not liable to refund the fee.